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Ásgerð Stenberg, chairwoman, tel. +298 221215 or 373455

Sólrun Mohr, vice chairwoman, tel. +298 597368 or 373455

Maud Benjardøgg, chief financial officer, tel. +298 573044

Sævar Halldórsson, board member, tel. +298 213500

Jákup Mikkelsen, board member, tel. +298 282874 

Petur Dahl Nolsøe, extra board member, tel. +298 254178

Jóannes Nolsøe, extra board member



How to find the Ruth Smith Art Museum

The Ruth Smith Art Museum is situated in the western part of the village of Vágur in a yellow building on the mainstreet Vágsvegur 101. 


The old school in Vágur. The Ruth Smith Art Gallery is located in this building.








Art Gallery with photos of paintings by Ruth Smith, which you can find in the Ruth Smith Art Museum in Vágur.

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