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Ruth Smith Art Museum is a museum in Vágur with art works by the artist Ruth Smith (born 1913 in Vágur, died 1958 in Nes-Vágur). Ruth Smith went to art school in Denmark, where she lived for several years. She is one of the most well known Faroese artists. Her art works in the museum are mostly oil paintings and drawings.


Opening hours

The Ruth Smith Art Museum in Vágur, Suðuroy (Southern Island) doesn't have regular opening hours. It is open on request. If you wish to visit the art collection, please contact one of the board members, see phone numbers elsewhere on this website.


How to find the Ruth Smith Art Museum

The Ruth Smith Art Gallery is situated in the western part of the village of Vágur in a yellow building on the mainstreet Vágsvegur 101. 


The old school in Vágur. The Ruth Smith Art Gallery is located in this building.


How to get to Suðuroy

Suðuroy can be reached from the capital of the Faroes Tórshavn. Take the ferry Smyril from the harbour of Tórshavn to Krambatanga (near the village of Tvøroyri in Suðuroy) rute 7. From there you can drive by car or by the local public bus to Vágur, rute 700. The end station is the village of Sumba. The bus drive from Krambatanga to Vágur takes half an hour by bus. You can find information about the ferry Smyril and the public busses in Suðuroy on the website www.ssl.fo or by calling 343030. You can find a map of all bus- and ferry rutes in the Faroes here (choose the rute you wish to travel by). More info about Suðuroy is on the Tourist Information's website: www.visitsuduroy.fo



See photos of paintings and drawings by Ruth Smith, which are to find in the Ruth Smith Art Museum in Vágur.









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