AP.Bren: The Mighty Champions of Games of The Future 2024!

AP.Bren: The Mighty Champions of Games of The Future 2024!

In the thrilling world of esports, a new champion has emerged! AP.Bren has triumphed as the champions of Games of The Future 2024, defeating ONIC Esports in a nail-biting grand final. Let’s dive into their journey to victory and see how they conquered the tournament.

The Grand Showdown of Games of The Future 2024 in Russia

The grand final, held on Saturday (02/03/2024) in Kazan, Russia, was a spectacle of skill and strategy. AP.Bren faced off against ONIC Esports, a team known for their impressive gameplay. But it was AP.Bren who shone brighter, winning the match with a score of 3-1 in the Best of 5 (Bo5) format.

Super Marco: The Key Player

One of the standout players for AP.Bren was Super Marco. He played a crucial role in the team’s success, becoming a fearsome force against ONIC Esports. His tactics and gameplay were a major factor in AP.Bren’s triumph.

Game-by-Game Breakdown in Games of The Future 2024

In the first game, AP.Bren started strong and aggressive. Super Marco and his teammates showed their intent right from the start. ONIC Esports tried to keep up, but AP.Bren’s teamwork was too good, leading them to a quick victory in less than 15 minutes, with ONIC Esports managing only 2 kills.

The second game saw AP.Bren continue their dominance. Riding high on their first-game victory, they almost faced no difficulties. The huge gold gap of nearly 7,000 was a testament to AP.Bren’s control over the game, leading them to another win.

The third game was a do-or-die situation for ONIC Esports. If they lost this game, their journey would end. Fighting hard, they managed to claim victory in this crucial match.

However, the resilience ONIC showed in the third game didn’t carry over to the fourth. AP.Bren, with their well-structured play, clinched the game and the title of Games of The Future 2024 MLBB champions.

The Winning Formula in Games of The Future 2024

What made AP.Bren stand out was their blend of aggressive play and tactical brilliance. They knew when to push forward and when to play defensively. Their ability to adapt to different situations was a key factor in their success.

Teamwork Triumphs

AP.Bren’s victory wasn’t just about individual skill; it was about how well they played as a team. Each member knew their role and executed it perfectly. It’s like a puzzle where every piece fits perfectly to create a beautiful picture.

Looking Ahead

With their win at Games of The Future 2024, AP.Bren has set a high standard for themselves and other teams in the MLBB scene. Their journey doesn’t end here, though. Now, they’ll be preparing for future tournaments, aiming to keep their SLOTJARWO champion status.


AP.Bren’s victory in Games of The Future 2024 is a story of determination, skill, and teamwork. They showed the world that with the right strategy and team spirit, any challenge can be overcome. Congratulations to AP.Bren, the new champions on the block! Let’s see what they have in store for us in the upcoming tournaments!